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    Are you Qualified to Get a
    Do It Yourself Divorce?
  • Kristen in Texas Says:

    "Thank you for helping me through my divorce. I had a lot of questions and the customer service people got to the heart of the situation
    and helped me get on with the divorce. I thought
    the whole service was great."

    Are you Qualified to Get a
    Do It Yourself Divorce?
  • Gary In Missouri Says:

    "The price was so good, I had to do my divorce with you. I didn't want to pay a lawyer $800 dollars to do an uncontested divorce. We already knew what we wanted on how to divide up the house. I'm grateful I found you when I did. Going through the stress of a divorce is hard enough without having financial stress as well. Thank you so much."

    Are you Qualified to Get a
    Do It Yourself Divorce?

Fast Divorces Without Lawyers


“People are getting smarter nowadays; they are letting lawyers, instead of their conscience, be their guide.” – Will Rogers


It used to be hard to get a do it yourself divorce, but not anymore. Now, you can File For Divorce with The Divorce Do It Yourself Service. Our service is recommended by many local county courts and if you are filing for an uncontested divorce, we can help you prepare your documents.

We offer Do It Yourself Divorce Services to everyday people and provide you with state specific forms that are specialized to meet the requirements of your state. Each state is unique, so don't be fooled by those nationwide kits and programs.

When compared to the price of a lawyer, the cost of our Do It Yourself Divorce Services and Divorce forms are unbeatable.


We are a non-lawyer service and do not give legal advice.


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Divorces We Do:

With Children

With Property

Missing Spouse

Military Divorce

and Others


We handle uncontested cases only.










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Using the Do It Yourself Divorce method to File For Divorce, you can follow the step by step instructions on this site to start your divorce immediately. Use our service to begin the process right now.

It takes only a fraction of the time it would take to see a lawyer. We take the stress out of doing a divorce.




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Getting Divorced Online is the new wave. "Click and split" divorces. See these news outlets for more info.






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