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Why Use Our Easy Non-Lawyer Service to Get Your Kansas Divorce Fast



The cost may be cheap, but our actual service could be invaluable in terms of what it will do for you.


You provide the info and we will fill in the papers. Regardless of your situation, we'll save you time.


We handle the hard work while you enjoy the spare time and plan for your new life after divorce.


We are serious about the work we do and guarantee our performance a 101%. Find a lawyer that does. You won't.


We DON’T promise to keep your personal information “safe”, like everyone else. We simply don’t collect it at all. Our Divorce Questionnaire does not ask for any personal information like Social Security Numbers, Drivers License Numbers, or Bank Account Numbers. To do the forms correctly for you, all we need are the last 4 digits…That’s It !


We can do your divorce if your spouse is missing, incarcerated, or in the military.


Use our service via internet and email for really fast response times... or via regular mail and phone.

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Our Kansas Divorce Service

The Online Kansas Divorce Service is our exclusive product and is only $137. You fill in an Easy Portable Divorce Questionnaire and we assemble and send your Kansas Divorce Forms and Paperwork in 2-3 business days. Then simply print and sign your Divorce Papers and take them down to your local county courthouse. That's it.


How The Kansas Divorce Forms Service Works:

1 After the Ordering Process, Fill in the Portable Divorce Questionnaire and Submit it Back to us by: Upload, Email, Fax, or Regular Mail.
2 We Complete Your Kansas Divorce Paperwork in 2-3 Business Days and Email It to You for Your Review.Once You Have What You Want, Then Sign and Print your Paperwork and take it down to your Local County Courthouse. 
3 You attend your Final Hearing and read the "Sample Courtroom Statement" that comes FREE with our Service. The Judge rubber-stamps your divorce paperwork and you're done. That is It!


101% Performance Guarantee

We have been doing divorces in Kansas since 1988. We feel that our product is of the highest quality. Therefore, we offer our 101% Performance Guarantee. If the Judge fails to grant your Divorce due to a paperwork typographical error, then we will correct the problem. If we cannot correct the problem, then your money will be refunded 101%.

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Divorce Questionnaire

Preview the Portable Divorce Questionnaire.



We have multiple ways to complete the Divorce Questionnaire to accommodate YOUR needs. Place Order Here >>


3 Free Gifts and Bonuses

FREE Sample Courtroom Statement: View
Wouldn't it be nice to know what to say when you are in the Courtroom with the Judge? Of course it would. That is why we give you a "Sample Courtroom Statement" to read from, when it is your turn to speak. It is jam packed with the specific information that the Judge wants to hear to complete your divorce case. Our competitors don't even come close to offering this level of service. Only the Divorce Do It Yourself Service offers a Sample Courtroom Statement.

FREE Name Change (if you desire): View
In many divorces the wife would like to have a name change to that of her former maiden name. This can be accomplished through using our Divorce Service FOR FREE.

FREE Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA): View
The MSA is a court document that describes exactly how the property will be divided as well as it deals with how to handle any children involved in the divorce. With our Divorce Service the Marital Settlement Agreement is NOT an add on, like with many other services. We give it to our customers FREE OF CHARGE. It is our free gift to you.

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Special Package #1: Military Divorce Package
If someone is in the Military: You will need the Military Package. One of the Spouses must be living in the US and be willing to file the paperwork at the Local County Court.
Currently - NO EXTRA CHARGE-

Special Package #2: Missing Spouse Divorce
If Spouse is not able to be located, you will need the Missing Spouse Package. You will need to run an ad in the newspaper.
Currently - NO EXTRA CHARGE-



The legal system has a habit of seeming complicated and difficult to navigate. But, you’ve seen in our list of benefits how we are here to guide you through it. Click now to get started and we guarantee that your paperwork will satisfy the court and you will save time and money in the process.



"When I finally got the courage to go through with a divorce, I was so happy to have found your website! Everyone there was so helpful & quick at getting me the documents I needed. One month later I was divorced, no lawyers needed. Thanks so much!!!!"
Brenda - Kansas

All of this for ONLY $137.


We Accept Visa, Mastercard, Money Orders, and Bank Checks.

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Awesome Testimonies

"The price was so good, I had to do my divorce with you. I didn't want to pay a lawyer $800 dollars to do an uncontested divorce. We already knew what we wanted on how to divide up the house. I'm grateful I found you when I did. Going through the stress of a divorce is hard enough without having financial stress as well. Thank you sooooooooo much."
Gary - Missouri


"You would not believe my story. I have 7 kids, 4 dogs, 3 cats, and a partridge in a pear tree. Also, I have property that included rental houses...”
William - Ohio

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"I needed a Missing Spouse Package because my Husband had left me and my children a long time ago. I hadn't seen him in two years. I finally decided that enough is enough. I wanted the divorce. I saw your site and I knew you were the one for me. When I went to the court, I filed a few extra papers and ran a newspaper ad, just like you said in the divorce instructions. I got the divorce pretty fast. It took only 2 months. Thank you for helping to heal this mother's heart."
Jane - Nevada


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