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Child Custody Information

A child is most often the most vulnerable person involved the divorce. A parent should never use the child as a bargaining tool during the sometimes difficult negotiations. If the child becomes a pawn in this chess game, corrections in parental behavior must be made before the situation becomes irreversible


Jurisdiction on Child Custody Issues

The Child Services Division of the Court in your Area will have the Jurisdiction to recommend to the Judge how your Child Custody Issues should be. However, in an Uncontested No-Fault Divorce, the parents are often able to decide what type of child custody situation they would like. If they are agreeable and not fighting about it.


Legal Custody and Physical Custody

Currently, in most States, the courts will favor joint legal custody in situations where the parents have the ability to cooperate with one another in terms of making decisions that are in "the best interest of the child." Many divorcing parents do work very hard towards achieving this goal. Joint custody is definitely not for everyone. This child custody arraingment can only happen as a result of the two divorcing parents working together to help their children through the divorce process.


The Divorce Do It Yourself Service Difference

However, the Divorce Do It Yourself Service specializes in Uncontested Divorces where the spouses agree to the terms of the divorce; such as child custody. Or at least, they won't fight over the child custody. We complete your divorce forms just the way you want it. We offer our famous 101% Performance Guarantee and we are here to help every single one of our customers through the divorce process in a smooth and orderly manner.



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Note: We only do divorces that are Uncontested.

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