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Welcome to the Support/FAQs Page!

We've put together the following resources to help you get the most out of your Name Change Do It Yourself Service Package.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


U.S. State Name Change Questions:

Our Service:


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U.S. State Name Change Questions:

How long does an name change take in my State?
This question depends on the state you are in. For example: an name change in Michigan takes 60 days. This time period begins from the time you first file your first papers with the court. Call your Circuit Court in your county to find out your exact "Waiting Period".
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Can the waiting period be waived?
The state-mandated waiting period is part of the name change process and requirements. Yes, sometimes it can be waived under special circumstances. However, you really have to convince the courts that your case is special (deserves exemption from the waiting period). Doing that requires a lawyer. We do simple uncontested cases and can't move you around the laws.
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What are the Court Costs in my State?
The Court Costs are NOT included with our Service. When you first take your papers to the Court, there will be a Court fee, which pays for the Judge and the Court Clerks. It is usually around $75-150 dollars. All states and counties are different. Call the Court in your County to check on the exact fees. Your County Courthouse’s phone number should be available in the County Government section of the phone book.
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Residency Requirements:

Residency plays an important part in all the name changes. Residency requirements are State mandated and therefore out of our hands.

  1. You Do Qualify for Residency
    You would file in the county and state where your feet are on the ground at the moment, provided you qualify for residency in that State. "Your home is where you hang your hat."
  2. You Don't Qualify for Residency
    If you don't qualify for residency in the State where you are currently living, you most likely would file in the prior state where you lived (qualified for residency). But, you must travel there a couple times. At least once to file the forms at the court initially and at the end to attend your final hearing. Traveling like this is not the preferred method, for obvious reasons.
  3. You Wait Until You Qualify for Residency
    If you don't qualify for residency in the State where you are currently living and you don't want to travel to your old State, then you can wait until you obtain residency in the current State. Many of our customers are in this situation. You can still use our service now and then file your name change forms on the day you qualify for residency. Remember, we have unlimited adjustments to the forms. So, if you move or change situations, while you are waiting for residency, we can still do the adjustments for you. No problem.


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Our Service:


What is the price?

Visit the State Prices Pages for the answer.

How long until I get my name change forms, after I submit the Questionnaire?
The name change forms and paperwork take 2-3 business days or sooner to process, excluding weekends and holidays. Then they will be emailed to you. We can also mail them to you for a one time printing for FREE. Faxing is not available, because they have to be original documents. (Note: These are our goals and standards for processing times - not promises. Your particular processing time may be slightly longer or shorter, of course.)
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How does it work?
After the ordering process, fill in the Portable Name Change Questionnaire and submit it back to us by email, fax, or regular mail. We complete your state specific name change paperwork in 2-3 business days and email it to you for your review. Once you have what you want, then sign and print your paperwork and take it down to your local county courthouse.  You attend your final hearing and read the "Sample Courtroom Statement" that comes FREE with our service. The judge rubber-stamps your name change paperwork.
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Frequently Asked Questions


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"I was leery at first that I was going to be able to do your service, but I talked on the phone with your support staff and everything worked out just fine. Thanks again.”
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"When I found you guys on the internet, I was ecstatic to see that I could do without lawyers and not have to spend a lot of money. Thank you."
Jenny - Michigan

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