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Instructions: See if you qualify to use our name changeservice. Answer the questions below to the best of your knowledge. When you are done, click the "Submit" button. An instant response will be generated based on the information you provide.


Are you getting a name change due to a spouses name?


We are wanting to know if you're changing your name due to a marriage, divorce, or legal separation between two parties or for other personal reasons.


Don't know.


What state will you be filing your name change in?

Usually the state where you currently live. Military members select the state where your feet are currently on the ground. If you will be moving, let us know in the "situation" section below.

Do you qualify for residency in your state?


Every state has residency requirements that need to be met before you can file for annulment. Residency requirements are met by living in a state for a minimum period of time (usually 6 to 12 months).


Don't know.

Is your name change due to any of these reasons?


  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Annulment
  • Legal Separation


Don't know.

Is this an adult or child name change?


We need to know who is getting the actual name change.


Don't know.

Tell us about your name change situation:

Full name *

Phone Number *


* Required Input If You Qualify

Wonder if you qualify to

do your name change in this way?

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annulment fast Name Change Testimonies

"I was leery at first that I was going to be able to do your service, but I talked on the phone with your support staff and everything worked out just fine. Thanks again.”
Carlos – Minnesota


"When I found you guys on the internet, I was ecstatic to see that I could do without lawyers and not have to spend a lot of money. Thank you."
Jenny - Michigan

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