Our Commitment:

We are here to help every one of our customers through the filing process in a smooth and orderly manner. Period. We take that commitment seriously and we want your paperwork filing experience to be a smooth one.

Our Story:

We have been doing legal paperwork since 1988. From humble beginnings, we are now the United States' leading legal paperwork preparer. We pride ourselves with the qualities that matter the most to you:


(approximate 2-3 business day turn around time)

Reliable Customer Service:

(M-F, 9-6 We are standing by to assist you.)


(If you would like to change something, we will always adjust your documents for FREE. Not one red cent. FREE)
We are proud to have prepared 1000's of legal documents in all 50 states. We are the #1 choice when compared to paying the high price of lawyers and attorneys.

101% Guarantee:

We feel that our product is of the highest quality. Therefore, we offer our 101% Performance Guarantee. If a Judge does not approve your paperwork due to a typographical error, then we will correct the problem. If we cannot correct the problem, then your money will be refunded 101%.







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