How Our Divorce Service Works


Here is how our service works: breaking down the 123

The how it works boxes scattered across our site are only a glimpse of everything that happens behind the scenes. Of course you won't have to worry about it because that's our job. However, to truly appreciate this liberty and opportunity, we feel that it is crucial for you to really understand how divorce is done in this do-it-yourself fashion and how our services tie into it.


Here is what enables us to do your divorce:

The answer is simple. It is You and Your Constitutional Right to represent yourself in court.

In other words,

  • Did you ever dispute a ticket in court? If so, did you bring a lawyer? You have the option to, and few people actually do, but the majority don't because they exercise their rights.

  • The same concept applies to a no-criminal legal matter like divorce. You didn't need a lawyer to get married... so why do you need one to get divorced? Popular belief perhaps?

Here is the bottom line:

If you and your spouse can settle your differences regarding property, children, support... outside of the court room and sign an agreement (divorce forms) saying so then you don't need a lawyer. Simply file the forms and let a judge approve the proposed agreement and terms of divorce.


Either that or you can let the Judge decide what happens to the kids, pets, cars, debt, property, assets... because the Judge knows best. That also means that you and your spouse will pay lots of money to your respective lawyers or as we call them "expensive negotiators" where at the end of the day, no matter how expensive they are, the decision still rests with the judge.

Divorce in a Nutshell:

The process is similar in most states and fairly simple:

  • You file the divorce forms asking the court for a divorce based on terms stated in the forms.
  • You notify the other party (your spouse) of the proceeding and show the court that you did so.
  • The court sets a date for you to be seen by a judge. Your spouse usually doesn't have to attend.
  • The judge goes over your forms and puts in requested orders (child support, property, etc...)
  • The judge may ask a few questions before signing the forms and thereby finalizing your divorce.

Note that the first and most important thing is filing the forms. It gets the case started and tells the judge what you want done in your divorce at the end. We take care of the forms because the rest is just a walk in the park in uncontested divorce cases.

Here is what we do in respect to the divorce process:

1  We collect payment and information regarding your case. The information is collected using a questionnaire available for download at the end of the ordering process. You complete the questionnaire and send it in to us for processing.


2  Our staff prepares your divorce forms based on the said information. Once that is done, we email you with the forms. You review them on your computer. If adjustments need to be made, let us know and we will make necessary adjustment. If you are happy with the forms and no adjustments need to be made, let us know and we will provide you with further instructions. You will sign and file the forms according to those instructions. We also help you do whatever else needs to be done...such as serving the spouse.


3  The court will arrange a date for you to be seen by a judge. Notification usually happens when you file the forms or shortly thereafter by mail. Don't be intimidated by the fact that you will go in front of a judge. You are simply there to ask the court to grant you a divorce. It is a risk-free procedure and it is simply the way it is done by law. Your spouse typically does not have to attend. Check with us to be sure. We provide you with instructions on how to handle the court date. The judge will ask you a few simple questions regarding the case... mostly just to confirm the requests. To help you answer those questions and give clear statements in the process, we provide you with sample courtroom statements which you can use to draft your own set of statements. The judge will give you the divorce judgment and sign your forms. It all typically takes only 10 to 15 minutes and you will be officially divorced thereafter.


The best thing about it is that this method is already widely accepted by the courts and it's as legit as getting somebody to prepare your taxes.


Our Guarantee, or safety net, ensures that we produce the proper forms since they are [as mentioned above] the most important part of the divorce process. If we fail to deliver, you get your money back.



  • Free unlimited adjustments.
  • Free sample courtroom statement.
  • Free maiden name re-instatement.
  • Free Marital Settlement Agreement.
  • And more...

Why choose us?

We have successfully divorced enough people to safely say that we are one of the best in the industry. Our company is also one of the few that still uses real people (paralegals) to prepare your forms and instructions. Most everybody else has moved to automated software systems because it's cheaper...yet the cost of their service is typically more. Go figure. And while an automated system is doesn't comprehend the logic necessary to do divorce forms right.


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