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Doing a uncontesed divorce yourself, compared to using a Florida Divorce Lawyer, is simple, easy, and affordable with the help of the Divorce Do It Yourself Service.

That is why many local County Courts recommend people with an uncontested divorce use a Do-It-Yourself Divorce Service, like ours, instead of a local "Florida" Divorce Lawyer.

The Divorce Do It Yourself Service provides everyday people in Florida the ability to do their own low cost divorce and obtain ready-to-file divorce papers. We offer a NON-LAWYER service and therefore do not give legal advice but our online divorce service, when compared to the price of a FL Divorce Lawyer, is UNBEATABLE.

  Overview of the Florida Divorce Papers Process

Most Florida Divorce Lawyers require their clients to meet with them for multiple prolonged visits. However, our customers are completely in charge of their own case. We provide you with completed ready-to-file Florida divorce papers. Our Paperwork Specialists will assemble the divorce papers for you. We don't use a brainless automated internet system to fill in the divorce papers like some other internet divorce sites. We have qualified professionals completing the divorce paperwork for you. Our system eliminates the need for the high costs of a Divorce Lawyer in Florida. Not only is our Florida Online Divorce Service more affordable, but it saves time over meeting with Florida Divorce Lawyers for multiple sessions.

  Start Your "Do-It-Yourself" Divorce Today

You can follow the step by step instructions, on this site, to obtain your ready-to-file Florida divorce paperwork immediately. Use our service to begin the process right now. It takes only a fraction of the time it would take to see a Florida Divorce Lawyer. We take the stress out of doing a divorce.


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Note: We only do divorces that are Uncontested.

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The FREE Divorce Booklet will be delivered straight to your email box. The FREE Divorce Booklet is NOT Legal Advice. It is intended to give you a general understanding of how the divorce process works. Also, to help you in choosing the method of how you want to do your divorce forms and papers.

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Getting Divorced Online is the new wave. “Click and split” divorces. See these news outlets for more information.

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