Quickly Expand Your Legal Practice by Using Our Divorce Paralegal System

Use our unique Document-Do-It-Yourself.com Paralegal System to prepare your clients divorces quickly, affordably, and without having to hire your own divorce paralegal staff. We've been preparing Uncontested Divorces for Attorneys in all 50 States for years now. Put our Divorce experience to work for you.

Benefits of Using Our Lawyer Support Service

  1. No Extra Staff Needed: By using our established Divorce Do It Yourself Paralegal Service, you would not need to hire any additional in-house staff of your own.

  2. divorce attorney paralegal servicesFast Turn Around: On average, we have a 2-3 business day turn around time on our completed divorce forms. Many times, it's the same day.

  3. Saves Time: Many divorce lawyers have come to us and have said that using our service with the 2-3 business day turn around time, is much faster than they usually do it themselves. Which helps with clients that need their divorce done quickly.

  4. Saves Money: We work on a "per divorce" payment system. NOT on an hourly system like an "in-house" paralegal would. The divorce attorneys that use us, comment that they are saving money when compared to paying their paralegal good hourly wages with medical, dental, and other benefits. Not to mention office space and equipment. The savings really add up.

  5. Adjustments are FREE: When you get a client's divorce forms back from us and you decide, as their lawyer, that you would like to change something, we always do adjustments for FREE. No problem.

  6. Flexible Pricing: Our per/divorce pricing rewards lawyers that use our services by:
         A. The more divorces you do per month, the less you pay per divorce.
         B. The longer you are with us, the less you pay per divorce.


How it works:
(Note: We can be CREATIVE with this system to fit your specific needs. This is just a general outline.)

  1. Your new client fills out a Divorce Questionnaire entering their divorce information.
  2. You get the Questionnaire to us by email, fax, or mail.
  3. We complete the divorce paperwork and send it back to your office for you to give to the client.


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