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Why Use Our Easy Non-Lawyer Service to Get Your Legal Separation Fast?


Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Legal Separation

Our cost is much cheaper than a lawyer, and just as effective for uncontested cases.

Faster Than a Lawyer

We prepare forms faster than most lawyers would even be able to meet for a consultation.

Easy and Stress-Free

The only thing you have to fill out is a simple questionnaire. We do all the hard work so you can breathe easy.

Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee our forms with our 101% Guarantee. Look below for details..

We Handle Special Cases Too

If you need a military or missing-spouse separation in , we do that too. No matter what your separation type is, we’ve got you covered.


Use our service via internet and email for really fast response times... or via regular mail and phone.

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Our Legal Separation Service

The Online Legal Separation Service is our exclusive product and is only $197. You fill in an Easy, Portable Legal Separation Questionnaire, and we assemble and send your Legal Separation Forms and Paperwork to you in 2-3 business days. Then, simply print and sign your Legal Separation Papers and take them down to your local county courthouse. That's it.


How The Legal Separation Forms Service Works:

Do It Yourself Legal Separation


101% Performance Guarantee

We have been doing legal separations in  since 1988. Our product is of the highest quality. If the Judge fails to grant your Legal Separation due to a paperwork typographical error, then we will correct the problem. If we cannot correct the problem, your money will be refunded 101%.

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3 Free Gifts and Bonuses

Sample Courtroom Statement:
We provide you with everything you need to get your legal separation done right. When it’s time for your final hearing, we even give you a sample statement so you know what to expect.

Free Adjustments for a Year
If your circumstances change before your papers are filed, we’ll make adjustments to your paperwork for free. As long as you still require the same forms, we will gladly modify them to fit your new situation for up to a year from the time you order.

Free Mailed Copy:
We strive to be an eco-friendly company. We prefer to do everything electronically, but if you need a paper copy mailed to you, we will include that for free with our service.

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Special Package #1: Military Legal Separation Package
If your spouse is in the Military: You will need the Military Package. One of the Spouses must be living in the US and be willing to file the paperwork at the Local County Court.
Currently - NO EXTRA CHARGE-

Special Package #2: Missing Spouse Legal Separation
If Spouse is not able to be located, you will need the Missing Spouse Package. You will need to run an ad in the newspaper.
Currently - NO EXTRA CHARGE-


The legal system has a habit of seeming complicated and difficult to navigate. But, you’ve seen in our list of benefits how we are here to guide you through it. Click now to get started and we guarantee that your paperwork will satisfy the court and you will save time and money in the process.



Legal Separation Questionnaire

Preview the Portable Legal Separation Questionnaire.



We have multiple ways to fill out the Legal Separation Questionnaire to accommodate the needs of everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting separation Online is the new wave. “Click and split” separation of marriage. See these news outlets for more information.

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