"How-To" Submit Your Questionnaire
Email Attachment

Step 1: It is easiest to start with your completed Questionnaire on your Desktop, so you can find it. If it is not there, you may want to move it there, before you begin.

Open up your Email Service. Some people use different types of email services such as Hotmail, Yahoo, MSN, or desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

For the purposes of this Tutorial, we will use Microsoft Outlook. So...if you use a different email service, the same steps would still apply.


Step 2: Make a new email and address it to:


create email




Step 3: Use the Attach button to browse for your Questionnaire. It should have been placed on your Desktop. But, if you know where it is in your computer, then it doesn't matter.

attach questionnaire

insert divorse questionnaire



Step 4: Create your message to us and let us know who the Questionnaire is from and the name you used to pay us originally.



Step 5: When you are ready, push the "Send" Button.



You are all done. And we will give you a confirmation email when we receive your Questionnaire. If you don't receive our confirmation email within 24-48 hours on business days (M-F), then we didn't receive it. You will simply need to submit it again.  Thank you.









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