Filing Your Forms at Your
Local County Courthouse

Step 1: Make sure you have all your forms saying what you want them to say. If not, please see our "Adjusting Your Forms Tutorial."

Make sure you have the finalized filing instructions that comes after you have done your adjustments or have notified us that no adjustments are necassary. If you don't have your finalized instructions, you are NOT READY TO FILE. Please contact us and let us know your situation.

IMPORTANT: Don't sign your Signature on the forms that asks for a Notary Public, until you are in front of one. Make sure that you have signed all your forms in the correct spots and that you have signed the Notary Public forms in front of a Notary Public. Sometimes the Court Clerk's office will have a Notary Public. So, you may want to call and ask.


Step 2: Take the initial Forms down to your local county courthouse. When you are there, look and ask someone where to file your paperwork. It is usually at the Court Clerk's office area.



Step 3: Simply hand all the initial paperwork to the County Clerk and let them keep what they need. They will usually stamp the paperwork with an Official Court Stamp and then keep 1 copy.

This is also the time when you will pay the Court Fee. Note that the Court Fee is NOT covered in the price of our service, because you have to pay it directly at the courthouse itself.


Step 4: When you have all your court stamped paperwork back, then it is time to follow the final instructions. If you are having trouble, call in and ask for some additional help.


We are always here to help you.







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